An Unprecedented Scale with New Products Gathered
------the Upcoming 22nd China International Bicycle & Motor Fair
News Release

By enjoying fine reputation of “Global Cycle Fair on the Largest Scale”, the annual China International Bicycle & Motor Fair (China Cycle) is going to be inaugurated at Shanghai New International Expo Center during 26th-29th April, 2012.

Organized and co-organized jointly by China Bicycle Association and Shanghai XieSheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. respectively, “China Cycle” has been successively launched for 21 editions. As a grand event in cycle industry of the world, China Cycle draws strong attention of global-wide cycle industry. Taking the concept of “Cycling, A New Lifestyle” as the theme, the 22nd China International Bicycle & Motor Fair (China Cycle 2012) is unprecedented on scale with exhibitors of 1300 foreign and domestic enterprises, and 5900 booths covering indoor floor space of 120,000 sq.m. (excluding outdoor space).

China Cycle becomes the most prominent trading platform in global cycle industry, and highlights once again China as a “Kingdom of Bicycle” and displays its major status in worldwide cycle market.

It is worthy to note that the China Cycle 2012 will take place against a background of the shadow of the international subprime mortgage crisis, the European debt crisis and at the period of economic structure adjustment in China. However, the large amount of competitive enterprises including renowned domestic and foreign ones, European and American in particular, participate in this event bringing with lots of well-known brands.

The “Second Spring” of China’s cycle industry marked as “Low-carbon Cycling, New fashion in Life” has been taking shape and is forthcoming quietly at a time of global economic downturn.

1. The Prospect of World Cycle Industry being in Asian Market, China in particular.

Based on analyzing statistics, the increasing scope of international exhibitors for “China Cycle 2012” reaches the rate of 55.2% in comparison with last edition, especially the European and American ones. The well-known exhibitors, e.g. from Italy, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, Britain, USA, Japan, Indonesia and India etc, participated in last edition, are still our exhibitors this year. It is notable that the famous brands from developed nations such as EU, USA and Japan are in favor of China Cycle 2012, e.g. Specialized (USA), Huffy, Five-Ten, Endura (GB), AXA (Holland), Cat Eye (Japan), JKB (Korea), Tan Lan (Malaysia) and coming in flocks. The regular exhibitors favored to “China Cycle” such as BIANCHI, SHIMANO, SRAM, BH, SIGMA, GHOST and DT Swiss, etc. have reserved the booths ahead of half a year. Due to the unavailable space of China Cycle 2012 in February, CSG with Cannondale and GT, have rent 3-day conference room for its promotion and distribution.

Mr. Xu Weirei, President of SPECIALLIZED in charge of China’s Region, told the correspondent during news interview: “SPECIALLIZED has ever been the exhibitor by years of 2005 and 2006 with very limited market, and the current market is quiet deferent from that of years. Our business volume of both middle and high-end in China market has been greatly increasing at a rate of quadruple, which indicates the huge potentials of market. That’s the reason why we come back to China Cycle again.”

China is a big power of cycle in terms of production and sales, and ranks No. 1 in output and reaches over 60% exporting volume of worldwide. According to forecast from industry experts, the prospect of world cycle industry lies on Asian market, and China will be in particular. Following the economic development and popularization of cycling culture, there are great needs for medium/high-end cycles in Chinese market. By keen sensitivity, the European and American enterprises have realized the great potentials and business opportunities in Chinese cycle market and so come in flocks. The Taiwanese enterprises just like the early birds catch the worms first.

At present, China’s bicycle industry is confronting the period of structure adjustment, i.e. from the phase of single manufacturing to the phase of innovation and creation. Chinese high-end consuming market has been rapidly expanding and attracting more and more international brands. The bicycle culture market will be encamping and nesting in China. Now, the international events of cycling sports such as Tour Beijing, X-games and leisure cycling are in momentum of speedy development.

2. Lightweight for Cycle and Electronization for Components
Light-body and foldability will be the development trend for bicycle; lightweight and lithium battery for electric bicycle; electronization and intelligentization for components and parts. China Cycle 2012 will be displaying its highlights in technological innovation, new type of materials and new techniques. MERIDA who once produced “Europe Champ Cycle”, has developed a new model of MTB 29’’ in design of carbon fiber. Its frame weighs 1.1 kg only with all the transmission and control line concealed inside the frame. So the total weight of the bike has been greatly reduced, and makes breakthrough in handling and traffic capacity.

The Giant Co. put forward a brand new ARX Model bike made of aluminum alloy with fashionable sport-style design. The concealed transmission and control lines make the body simple and fluent with a full weight of 10.3 kg only. The LONGANTELOPE will exhibit a new type of foldable bike, not only portable but after folding it will transform into a beautiful shopping cart. It is warmly welcome by housewives for its amphibious functions.

SDS has newly designed and manufactured a 26’’ sport-style, foldable MTB driven by lithium battery. The adoption of new materials “XDS-X6” and electronic control system, and full weight of 18 kg only are the highlights for this bike.

The cycle will be upgraded to a new generation by using the high-quality and high-tech components and parts. The highlights of creation in components and parts will be twinkling at this “China Cycle 2012”.

Designed by KS Machinery (Taichang) Co., the “Model 272 Super Hydraulic Adaptable Saddle” can adjust the height of the saddle during cycling just by operating the controller on the handle bars. The design of the man-machine integration would make the rider feeling much comfortable than others.

Developed by KMC (Suzhou) Co., the high-quality “XSL Champ Golden Chain” could be applied to 21-gear wheel with features of lightweight, wear-resisting, compatibility and high embed-ability.

Manufactured by WELLGO (Kunshan) Co., the “Pedal Lock” could combine two functions of pedaling and locking into one device. The pedal can be easily dismounted, then used as a lock when parking. It is a sort of innovative product for its unique design.

This year the quantity of exhibitors involved in components and parts has considerably increased year on year, especially in lithium battery and recharger circles, at the increasing rates of 53.6% and 200% respectively. It shows that the lithium battery as the driving power for electric bicycle has become the theme of development in this industry.

3. Multiple Functions in “China Cycle 2012”— Boost to both Cycling Culture and Industrial Transition and Upgrading
The cycle show culture plays a very important role in cycle culture. It makes publicity of cycling & fitness, low-carbon & environment protection by means of exhibition platform, varieties of functions, exhibition and competition.

It is reported that “Test Riding on Int’l Branding Cycles” has attracted over ten well-known brands of cycles worldwide, and will invite the visitos for free riding. Thus, the cycle fans could have chance to test riding on both domestic and foreign renowned brands of bikes at the show.

The performance of “Outdoor Appliance Show” and “CRONUS Fashion Show on China Cycle 2012” will make leisure-cycling fans better understanding the necessary equipment for cycling.

The “MERIDA Cup on Cycle Photography Competition” offers an ideal platform for shutterbugs. Another eye-catching function is “China International X-Games Cycling masters Competition”. Dozens of X-Games bike players from home and abroad, professional aces from Europe and America in particular, will be performing cycle acrobatics and the top 3 winners will be rewarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Awards successively. The last edition attracted over 20 thousand visitors. The scale of this edition will be larger than ever with more exciting items.

In order to uphold cycling culture and foster industrial transformation and upgrading, this “China Cycle 2012” will open up a function of “China Cycle 2012-Innovative Products Evaluation and Selection”, and meanwhile will set up a special demo pavilion for innovative products of bike for the sake of encouraging technological creation.

Strive for making “China Cycle” as a booster for the progress of Chinese cycle industry.